nearly two years later…

September 14, 2009

…and I still remember the password to this site.


There are a lot of vegan food blogs, even a couple vegan budget food blogs. But I got a number of new ideas for this blog when I read a not-so-helpful article about this recession on the VegNews website (I think; no offense to them!). I want to feature more DIY-based tips, like gardening & cheaper products (health-related, etc.), along with the FOOD.. cheap beyond-basics recipes, including gluten-free meals. I don’t have a digital camera right now, though, which sucks.

What do you think ,if you’re reading this? I’ve noticed a lot of people are still finding this site based on simply searching for “eating vegan on a budget,” maybe now more than ever. But I was also playing around with starting a blog based on all kinds of things I make–art, photos, crafts, food, etc.–and making categories so you can decide what you want to look at. I have some pretty food photos backlogged, FYI. Got any input?!



September 25, 2007

Since some people are visiting this site looking for exactly how to eat cheap as a vegan, I’d like to post some general tips.

– Buy in bulk.
In the bulk section, get spices, dried fruit, beans (dried beans are WAY cheaper), and lentils, and get big bags of rice.. which leads me to my next tip..

– Rice and beans!
This should be your mantra. Do I even need to mention the protein?

– Make your own.
Bread(!), baked goods, salad, etc. Make oatmeal (with water), varying what you put in it (sugar, fruit, etc.), instead of buying cereal. And don’t buy processed food, fake meats, any of that. (Although right now I have a coupon for $1 off Gardenburger products PLUS they’re on sale for 2 for $5…)

– Use frozen veggies.
They’re not as good, but often insanely inexpensive. I usually just buy corn, because I like to add it to–guess what–rice and beans and other Mexican food. You can also try going to farmer’s markets near the end and barter with them, since they often prefer to get rid of the produce rather than not sell it at all.

– Potatoes.
So filling, and so many ways to make ’em.

– Know where to shop.
Asian markets are often best, and of course choose Trader Joe’s (they have cheap tofu!) over a place like Whole Foods. Find a place with a good bulk section. Store-brand things (pasta–even whole wheat, frozen items, chocolate chips) are usually the most inexpensive.

Just have your basics (including spices), and mix and match.

My favorite super-cheap meals are:

– Mexican food. Obviously, beans and rice–eat ’em in a bowl with some salsa when you’ve got nothing else. Add corn, a nutritional yeast nacho sauce (the one from the Uncheese cookbook is great), peppers.. whatever. Buy corn tortillas or make your own if you dare. I make TVP tacos on special occasions–just add ketchup or tomato paste and spices to the cooked TVP.

– Soups, etc. Buy bouillon cubes instead of vegetable broth, or use water when you can. Make creamy with potatoes. I love lentil soup, split pea (pictured), chili with whatever veggies I have…

– Indian food. I love the chickpea [use frozen] spinach curry from Vegan with a Vengeance. Kittee has some great recipes at paku paku, too. Check out her Latina section and her Ethiopian section for some recipes with lentils, too. Lentils are so inexpensive, did I mention that?

– Stir fry. Combine a grain with any protein and whatever vegetables you have (along with some soy sauce or spices), and how could you go wrong?

I hope that helps!

mishmash fried rice

June 13, 2007

I’m in Oregon now, for the summer… trying to, you guessed it, save money. My internet access won’t be as regular and I don’t have my own digital camera (but I’m hoping that tomorrow my brother will let me use his).

Here’s what I made about a week ago, right before I left.

I was trying to use up some things since I knew I was leaving: baby carrots, frozen edamame and corn, garbonzo beans, rice. I also added lots of garlic. You can make fried rice with anything, really, and I certainly made it the embarrassingly simple way. As in, “How about I just season with curry powder?” simple. I did make it a little more low-fat, just by using less oil and more soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. It was very filling.