My name is Michelle and I recently moved back to Portland, Oregon from San Francisco. Aside from cooking and baking, I like to make art and sleep.

I’ve been vegan for a year and a half (vegetarian for 7), and on a budget since I moved to San Francisco. That place ain’t cheap.


One Response to “About”

  1. Jose Says:

    I recently decided to go vegan, I’m trying to learn new recipes. I’m just finishing up college and I’m really broke these days. So I’m online and I decide to search “Vegan on a Budget” since that’s my current situation and your page came up. I think it’s great that someone hit the nail right on the head. The reason I’m trying to go vegan is mainly because it can be a lot healthier and since I’m graduating college health has become my top priority. There are things I’m going to miss and this summer bbq’s are going to be the constant reminder, not soo much the eating of grilled meat but that I don’t have a variety of foods to eat yet because I don’t have a “vegan vocabulary” yet… anyway, I noticed you haven’t posted in about two years… I’m just hoping that you can keep the site going, and post some new recipes for the summer. Thanks, José
    P.S. if you know anyone who needs an architect, I’m available 🙂

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