nearly two years later…

September 14, 2009

…and I still remember the password to this site.


There are a lot of vegan food blogs, even a couple vegan budget food blogs. But I got a number of new ideas for this blog when I read a not-so-helpful article about this recession on the VegNews website (I think; no offense to them!). I want to feature more DIY-based tips, like gardening & cheaper products (health-related, etc.), along with the FOOD.. cheap beyond-basics recipes, including gluten-free meals. I don’t have a digital camera right now, though, which sucks.

What do you think ,if you’re reading this? I’ve noticed a lot of people are still finding this site based on simply searching for “eating vegan on a budget,” maybe now more than ever. But I was also playing around with starting a blog based on all kinds of things I make–art, photos, crafts, food, etc.–and making categories so you can decide what you want to look at. I have some pretty food photos backlogged, FYI. Got any input?!


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