mishmash fried rice

June 13, 2007

I’m in Oregon now, for the summer… trying to, you guessed it, save money. My internet access won’t be as regular and I don’t have my own digital camera (but I’m hoping that tomorrow my brother will let me use his).

Here’s what I made about a week ago, right before I left.

I was trying to use up some things since I knew I was leaving: baby carrots, frozen edamame and corn, garbonzo beans, rice. I also added lots of garlic. You can make fried rice with anything, really, and I certainly made it the embarrassingly simple way. As in, “How about I just season with curry powder?” simple. I did make it a little more low-fat, just by using less oil and more soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. It was very filling.


2 Responses to “mishmash fried rice”

  1. urban vegan Says:

    I do this a lot–when I have odds and ends left in the fridge. Looks like your dish was a success.

  2. getsconed Says:

    Mmm I love all the edamame in it!

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