a couple of links

June 1, 2007

If I had gone vegan when Vez did, I would have been a lot like her… only not as cool. She’s punk rock, colorful, and full of attitude. And she just created a blog called Cheap, Lazy & Hungry.

Pamela at Pamela Cooks has recently posted about being budget-minded and creative in another way: using dollar store ashtrays to hold your dipping sauce and chop sticks! (She also mentioned she used an immersion blender she bought for $3 at a thrift store.) Check out those spring rolls.


One Response to “a couple of links”

  1. Vez Says:

    Cheers for the link/compliments!
    I’ve linked back to your blog, since a) your food is fab, and b) i’m moving out in a year and will be very, very poor. it’ll be good to have some budget inspiration.

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